Heart, Passion, Emotion & People...
Those are the things that move me ;) Life's unpredictable, so every minute has got to count, and therefore I wish to work with people whose goals motivate and enthuse other lives and their surrounding environment.

Below are highlights of some of the most recent projects I have been privileged and fortunate to have participated in and contributed to...

CD4 Community Project - HIV awareness & sexual health messages through music & the arts (2007-current)
This group of fantastic people I'm currently and passionately contributing to their cause in many ways. Initially I have been contributing with design, but the next phase of development is web-related, very exciting, but hush-hush at the moment.

What Carlos & Maria say about the Idea Surgeon (a.k.a. William Doust)
"William has come to CD4 Community Project with fresh ideas and has dived in to help us with many design emergencies, as we involved him in designing various things such as: a leaflet for an event, CD covers for some of our releases, and a poster that has recently gone to Amsterdam. He has delivered high quality work under very intense and insane deadlines and contributed with many ideas which we are to implement in the near future. He's an asset, and we love working with him."

cd4's own plug... ;)
Why not get involved with spreading the message for HIV & safe sex...?
(I lovingly accept their cheeky plug ;) www.thecd4project.org.uk

The University of Sheffield Enterprise Club - Rice & Shine...event poster
While working for the University of Sheffield I was privately commissioned to design a poster for an event for "The University of Sheffield Enterprise Club", part of the White Rose Centre for Enterprise (WRCE),an initiative linking innovations spurred by The Universities of Leeds, Sheffield & York. The event, which I tittled, "Rice & Shine", as Simon Woodruffe,the founder of the YO!Sushi chain of fast food Japanese restaurants, was the key speaker at the event.
This took place on 9 March 2004, at 'The Octagon Centre', University of Sheffield.

Over 200 people attended this event, in which there were stands and sponsors such as Cambridge-MIT Institute and Gstart, and Yorkshire Universities. I liaised with my colleague Collette Williams who worked for Both the WRCE and Sheffield University Enterprises Limited.

related links:
White Rose Centre for Enterprise (WRCE)-www.wrce.org.uk
Event Program (PDF) - www.wrce.org.uk/PROG1.pdf
Newsletter Reporting the event (PDF) - www.wrce.org.uk/NewsletterMay04o.pdf
link to the orginal booking form (university of sheffield) - hwww.shef.ac.uk/uni/companies/wrce/sushibook.shtml

Unfortunately there's no testimonial here except the photo, as I left the University before Collette (pictured) and she left a few months after to some new horizons too.

Flippinmental - Bi-polar manic depressive self-help group - Blog & banners
I assisted Katherine Littlewood with the development of the blog presence for her group,which included designing banners, logos etc. In addition, I gave her moral support by accompanying her to the Regen School (school for Regeneration - Social enterprises).

What Katherine says about the Idea Surgeon (a.k.a. William Doust)
"William was encouraging, supportive and very helpful all-round. What amazed me is how quickly he can come up with new concepts and helpful ideas for the group...and the blog he made for us was delightful."

related links:
The flippinmental-bipolar blog - www.flippinmentalbipolar.blogspot.com

Survivors of Depression in Transition (SODIT) - women's self-help group
I assisted Stephanie De La Haye by developing of the blog |website, recruiting volunteers to develop their logo and also in the design & development of a calendar for mental health week 2006. This calendar used poetry sourced from group members as an inspiration for voluntary artists which I recruited through the internet to donate their time and work to illustrate the poetry.

What Stephanie says about the Idea Surgeon (a.k.a. William Doust)
"When William dropped in for a visit and told us what he could do for us, it was only a question of a very short time when we saw that he could produce the results he promised. He listened to our needs, suggested ideas, and off he went to make things happen". He's enthusiastic and reliable!"

related links:
blog | website - www.soditgroup.org.uk
(at the time of writing they had problems serving the header & footer images from geocities)
This is due to inactivity in their account ;(

Details on these or further references can be supplied upon request
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